When should I use Makeskin?

Makeskin is a regenerative cream for treating scars and trophism of the skin, and is suitable both for recent scars and for old scars with various types of origin:

  • Keloid scars
  • Hypertrophic scars
  • surgical and traumatic scars
  • burn scars
  • vaccination scars
  • acne scars

In recent scars, it helps to protect the skin and safeguard the healing processes after stress caused by medical treatment, surgery, injuries and burns. It promotes the physiological remodelling of the skin and fights aggression by free radicals. It promotes recovery of tonicity, suppleness of the skin and the tensile strength of the wound.

In old scars, it helps the damaged tissue to return to its previous suppleness and softness and recovery of the skin functions, contributing towards attenuating the associated flaws.

It attenuates possible correlated symptoms such as erythema, smarting and itching.